Low vision refers to a visual impairment that cannot be corrected by medical interventions and is severe enough to interfere with an individual’s participation in activities of daily living. It can impact people of all ages. Solutions include learning new ways to do meaningful life activities and understanding how the use of low vision aids can help with making the most of remaining vision.

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Low vision refers to a visual impairment that is not correctable through surgery, pharmaceuticals, glasses or contact lenses. It can impact people of all ages, but is primarily associated with older adults. Solutions such as retraining techniques and adaptive strategies are now available.

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We incorporate evidence-based vision retraining techniques and adaptive strategies to help you regain your safest level of independence and maximize your capacity for meaningful engagement in your life.

Balance & Low Vision Solutions, LLC was established in 2010 by occupational therapist and low vision rehabilitation specialist Julie Allen, with contributions from physical therapist and vestibular expert Kevi Ames. Julie is committed to enhancing the understanding of the options available to help optimize independence and safety for everyone, everywhere.

With a unique treatment philosophy, BLVS was established to share the latest in evidence-based care and education, individualizing the service for each client. When providing education, Julie creates customized courses and consultative services based on the individual needs of each customer. When providing client care, Julie works with each client in the safety and comfort of their own home and nearby community.

Julie Allen, MS, OTR/L, CBIS at Balance & Low Vision Solutions


Julie originally hails from Washington State and began her professional career in exercise physiology and massage therapy. She then completed a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from Pacific University and a Graduate Certificate in Low Vision Rehabilitation and a Master’s Degree in occupational therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. More recently, she completed the credentials for becoming a Certified Brain Injury Specialist.

Julie demonstrates an incredible intuition and compassion for individuals in her care and specializes in providing services for individuals with vision issues associated with neurological and other medical conditions. Julie balances work and family activities with yoga, running, hiking, and learning to play drums – with a great sense of humor.

EMAIL : info@balancelowvision.com
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